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Revgreen Pakistan specializes in design and manufacturing of Biogas power systems. We provide products and solutions to the small and medium scale industrial, Urban and rural areas in agricultural, Poultry, textile, food processing and environmental sectors etc.

Revgreen Pakistan is providing focused consulting in alternative energy production. Our expertise benefits customers by designing, constructing, commissioning effective energy systems. The Revgreen Pakistan team draws on senior expertise in environmentally conscious engineering, engaging and guiding the best new talent available.

Revgreen Pakistan's competencies make it a reliable, visionary, and innovative technology provider. The solutions are based on experienced knowledge of the bio-energy sector, and the needs of its customers.

Our Mission is to provide economically attractive and alternative energy production solutions that can reduce the dependence on conventional energy systems.

Revgreen Pakistan has completed multiple projects in Pakistan on multiple wastes including; cow manure, chicken waste, vegetable waste & fruit waste, grass & Corn Silage. These projects continue to provide gas for cooking, heating water, running factories, generating electricity from small to large projects.

Revgreen Pakistan design, manufacture, installs, and commission anaerobic digestion plants that are ROBUST and SIMPLE to operate.

Who can benefit from Biogas Plants?

  • Cattle farms
  • Poultry farms
  • Sugar mill
  • Meet processing factories
  • Sanitation plants
  • Milk plants
  • Bakeries
  • Chips and potato processing plants
  • Juice and tinned food producers
  • Fish processing plants
  • Greenhouse farms.
  • Waste recycling enterprises.
  • Municipal waste treatment plants

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