Biogas Production Plant For Domestic Use and Housing

Housing industry in Pakistan is also flourishing since last decade with the mushrooming of modern housing colonies in semi-urban areas the demand of domestic cooking fuel is ever increasing. Historically in Pakistan the cooking is done on the following fuels:

    • Wood/Solid Biomass
    • Cow Dung Cakes
    • Kerosene Oil
    • Natural Gas (Sui Gas)
  • LPG

With the exploration of Sui Gas in Pakistan huge investments were made in network of gas infrastructure and domestic sector was provided gas connections on priority bases by all the governments to get political gains.

But as the time passed the resources depleted the only alternatives left are LPG and Biogas as clean fuel. Revgreen is the only company in Pakistan who have successfully installed biogas plants in the housing sector and provided gas to domestic consumer on community scale.

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Working with Revgreen Team is a great experience! The team is very professional and knows their job well. Well Done Team Revgreen

Mr. Faisal Yasin
, Greenland Dairy Farms, Islamabad

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