Industrial Biogas Plant

Biogas In Pakistan was normally understood as crude system for small scale cooking utilization. This was because of lack of knowledge regarding advancement in the field of biogas technology all over the world. With shortage of natural gas & electricity and also the price like different industries in Pakistan were suffering huge production losses.

Many industrialist were looking for alternative sources of energy. Most obvious choices were coal, Diesel Solar & wind etc. But very few thought about using biogas as alternative source despite its advantages over other sources of energy.

Revgreen Pakistan is the only company in Pakistan who has successfully installed biogas plants in industries.

Revgreen is also been operating these plants successfully for many years now.

Year Biogas in Meter Cubes
2015 630,000 M3
2016 685,000 M3
2017 725,000 M3

Below table gives a glimpse of biogas advantage over other sources of energy:

Energy Source Renewable Scalable Green Energy Availability Added Advantages
Biogas YES YES YES Always ·   Low Capital Cost

·   Bio manure

·   CO2

·   Storable & Transportable

·   Reduces Waste going to land

Solar YES YES YES Dependent on Sun ·   No By Products

·   Storage very expensive

·   Not-Transportable

·   Reduces Waste going to land

Wind YES YES YES Limited Areas

Small or Large – Any Industry
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Working with Revgreen Team is a great experience! The team is very professional and knows their job well. Well Done Team Revgreen

Mr. Faisal Yasin
, Greenland Dairy Farms, Islamabad

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