Biogas From Poultry Waste

With ever increasing demands of poultry meet, processed products & eggs; Pakistan’s poultry sector has significantly grown in last 5 years. With its strictly controlled operational and environmental needs there is no room for power shortage/outage. A breakdown of few hours can disastrously affect the flock. This requires a very strong power backup.

Another issue is handling and disposing of the produced chicken waste. The Nitrogen in the shape of ammonia is difficult to handle. Traditionally the poultry waste was normally disposed of by spreading it on the land as fertilizer or by sending it to landfill.

But with the rising cost of electricity and diesel power generation there was a need to find alternative source of producing electricity. Poultry waste has more energy value as compared to dairy waste, this means more biogas and electricity can be produced with the same quantity of poultry litter such as hatchery waste and processing waste in the form of energy.

Poultry Industry Benefit

The poultry industry can benefit a lot by using poultry litter for production of bioenergy some of the benefits listed below:

    • Reducing cost of waste disposal
    • Generating from the available waste
    • Odour control
    • Reducing groundwater contamination
  • Generating income by selling Nitrogen Rich Organic Manure

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