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Biogas plant technology was introduced on domestic scale in 70s in Pakistan. Since then thousands of biogas plants have been installed in different parts of Punjab & Sindh. These plants were very low tech and based on Nepalese & Chinese Fixed dome designs.

In last decade when shortage of Natural gas occurred and Electricity Loadshading was at its peak many companies and individuals started thinking for alternative sources.

Biogas seemed an obvious choice but unfortunately no knowledge, technology & manpower was available in Pakistan for upscaling, designing & constructing medium to large scale biogas plants.

Many plants were constructed for electricity production using Fixed Dome designs without proper engineering calculations. These plants either cracked, choked or proved financially unviable for the investors. This made disastrous effects on the market made biogas projects as failure.

Revgreen with its vast experience and understanding how biogas plants work is capable of redesigning & revamping these old plants and can save lots of cost to the investors.

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Working with Revgreen Team is a great experience! The team is very professional and knows their job well. Well Done Team Revgreen

Mr. Faisal Yasin
, Greenland Dairy Farms, Islamabad

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