1,200 CM-Lahorebeing operated by Revgreen Pakistan till date

Shortage of electricity was at its peak during first decade of the century and most of the industries were either closing business of searching for alternative source of electricity.

The most obvious choice was diesel power generation as it was very easy to install diesel generator, but as the fuel prices increased the source also proved expansive and search for alternative source continued.

This plant was installed in shoe factory in industrial area of Sheikhupura Road in 2012. This plant was supposed to run 150 KVA generator to supply electricity during load shading hours to the factory.

The 45 feet diameter concrete digester was one of the biggest project installed by Revgreen Pakistan. A 150 KVA gas generator was also installed by Revgreen Pakistan to provide 80 KWs of electricity for 6 hours on daily basis.

Raw biogas was purified using water scrubbing technology and pure gas was fed to the MAN Generator. The raw gas was collected in floating drum fabricated out of G.I Steel sheet. The drum was coated with hot bitumen for rust proofing. Revgreen Pakistan operated this plant for 4 years.

Plant Features:

  • Plant Capacity: 1,200 Cubic Meters
  • No of Digesters: 1 X 1,200 Cubic Meter
  • Feedstock: Cow Dung, Grass, Vegetable waste etc.
  • Biogas Yield: 800 Meter Cube/Day
  • Biogas Purification: 2 Water Scrubbing Columns
  • Utilization: 150 KVA Gas Generator for 6 hours daily
  • Electricity Units: 100,000/ Year
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